a while ago i entered a doodle competition with make it in design. you had to submit 20 ways to draw a something or other. as i feel at one with rabbits, (ha ha, not really! i doodles 20 rabbits and submitted. suprise, suprise, mine was one of the ten selected and i was promised a little something in the post.
see all here….
now i you live in a country that’s holding it;s postal service together by a knotty parcels string, then you might feel i bit cynical about that something arriving, but arrive it did.
don’t you just love the wrapping paper by rachael taylor? i think i’ll iron it and frame it!!

a few ways to draw a happy face

a few ways to draw a happy face

hardee ha ha

a few weeks ago the cyclops and i were in the lovely coffee shop ‘ta-da‘ in muizenberg after a surf, when he spotted a request for cartoons in the sunday times. before i tell you the story i must tell you that ta da make the best coffee in muizenberg and the most delicious cakes and biscuits and that’s before i even get on to the crepes….

so after a few nudges from the cyclops i sent some cartoons off and heard nothing and carried on my life as usual, feeling like a loser until my friend xavier, from the best bookshop in cape town, bibliophilia called me and asked me if i was the sandy mitchell who’d had a cartoon published in the sunday times….

sunday timesso now if you want to hang out with the not so rich and  very infamous come to my exhibition or else feel like a loser….

the making of a sea sick sailor

ever wondered how my mind works? me too! well here’s a brief insight into part of the creative process.

Photo 2015-05-18, 3 02 25 PM

a doodle in the car on the way to work with the cyclops


Photo 2015-05-18, 3 02 11 PM

heads and sailor suits are a good start

Photo 2015-05-18, 3 27 58 PM

every sailor needs a hat

Photo 2015-05-18, 3 41 05 PM

and a boat. without which we would not be able to make him sea sick

Photo 2015-05-18, 4 43 28 PM

his first voyage

Photo 2015-05-19, 2 52 51 PM

coming together, but to see the end result you will have to come to my drawingrooms exhibition…

drawing rooms!

11295729_1068302193197783_4074541370506664990_nyay! the event for my drawing rooms exhibition has been posted so i can now invite you! whoo hoo! this isn’t quite the usual pop along and get a free glass of wine and do a lot of blah blah blah in front of a wall of artwork you can’t even see. it’s a small, personal event hosted at a warm and cosy spot (to be announced), but to get there you have to make a pledge of R120. for this you get an illustrated postcard by me and a ticket to the exhibition and …. wait for it, chocolate tasting by artisan chocolatiers cocoafair. actually i’m just doing this for the chocolate tasting…

all the info you need is here  and

1, 2 buckle my brain

i consider maths a cruelty imposed on me by a mathematical world. i have had to stop short of working out a template for sewing a simple pouch because i can’t work out the sums. i’m sure it’s a simple calculation but my brain just said, “whoaaaa, no way lady, we ain’t going there today.” so i stopped, as i am slave to my brain.

i know that you may be sniggering at my ineptitude at this point, but i’ll make you feel rotten by telling you that tears welled up in my eyes when faced with an excel spreadsheet this morning- numbers bulging out of columns and rolling inside their cells laughing at me and there is that little formula bar that i can only approach when heavily medicated.

sadly, i’m the type of person who can add things up on a calculator three times and get three different answers. sad, but true! i once sent in the artwork for a sign and mixed up metres and millimetres. i wondered why it was so cheap….

ho hum. back to my little old ruler, a pencil and a piece of paper where i can draw things out and plot them without breaking into a cold sweat. (perhaps just a warm one…)number

viva la vida

new designs on vida. i spent far too long trying to work out who they are and what they do to tell you and still haven’t wrangled a precis out of it, but it roughly works like this. i upload the design and need 3 pre-orders for it to go to production. they print it in india or something and have a literacy programme etc. so here are the designs coz ,as they say ” a picture tells 1000 words, when you can’t work out what to say”. oh and clickety click here