viva la vida

new designs on vida. i spent far too long trying to work out who they are and what they do to tell you and still haven’t wrangled a precis out of it, but it roughly works like this. i upload the design and need 3 pre-orders for it to go to production. they print it in india or something and have a literacy programme etc. so here are the designs coz ,as they say ” a picture tells 1000 words, when you can’t work out what to say”. oh and clickety click here

late starter

at the age of 43 i have learnt to make a white sauce. this is not hugely important to me, not like learning to do a perfect cutback or hang ten on a wave (surf stuff for those landlubbers) or selling a design to an international fabric house. why do i mention it then? well, when i was at school we had to choose between home economics or latin for standard 7. (grade 9) seeing that i wasn’t heading for law or medical school or needing to understand gregorian chants it was decided that being a housewife was the satisfactory alternative. fortunately that only lasted a year due to a bizarre subject choice that i’m still battling to understand. nevertheless we spent that year making white sauce: welsh rarebit, macaroni and cheese, white sauce and fish, white sauce ad nauseum… i do not remember a single meal we made that did not have white sauce and by the end of it i still couldn’t make white sauce. my cooking partner, however, could. perhaps being thrown out of class didn’t help matters, but being the daughter of a home economics teacher should have.

since then i have avoided making white sauce as much as possible. macaroni cheese is not a big feature in our house and welsh rarebit is dog food really. but now, even a failed housewife, such as I, can make a lumpless white sauce and turn out broccoli au gratin, potato bake, mac cheese and the like. (in an edible form now, mind you)

so if you deposit a reasonable amount of money into my paypal account i may just let you in on the secret…..

white sauce


ok, ok, i’ll divulge. the secret of white sauce is that you melt the butter and add the flour whilst on a low flame and then YOU TAKE IT OFF THE HEAT and add the milk (slowly). none of this rubbish about murdering the lumps whilst slowly adding the milk over a low flame like your mom told you to. so go on now and make a something or other au gratin without feeding it to the dog….

shark spotters by sandy mitchell illustration

studio sale

it gets to a certain time of the year when the cupboard starts to moan from indigestion. this is what happens when you feed it too many artworks. so it’s time for the annual (well sort of) studio sale. i will be adding collections to my facebook page daily. (follow at your peril) all artworks R120, plus postage. inbox me for payment, delivery, collection, pearly words of wisdom etc…. here is the first lot

some works available via hello pretty