fewer is more

your not going to believe this. i went to noordhoek mall, but couldn’t find parking because i am not disable and there was only parking for the disable. finally i found a sort after parking, but when i went to the health shop it was close. maybe it was because there are less people that want to live healthy.  anyways, i got me a burger instead by steers.

i saw in the headlines in the paper that some guy hung himself. the photo showed that he have evil eyes and a big nose. maybe that is why he hang himself. after that i went looking for a book to teach newsreader’s, editors, sign writers, etc. how to talk english better. i got me an good english book so if your thinking of putting  up any official status on your facebook page, then maybe you can borrow this book too…

fished out

as you may have noticed, i have a little thing for fishing boats; it’s hard not to when you have them bobbing all around you, some times waking you up at 5 am with their engines, off for the day’s fishing.

kalk bay remains one of the few working harbours and i do hope these people are able to continue their livelihoods as i’m sure that their method of fishing is far more sustainable than those big fishing businesses. ho hum…

here is a collection of past and present

this is cape town….

i still have a wall for art work at c’est la vie, the artisan bakery in kalk bay and i admit that i have been a bit slack at putting up work because i went into a bit of a cave over the holiday season. anyway i have had to pull finger and get out my glue for a few more cape town scenes. i am thinking of putting some of these collages together in a calendar called, “this is cape town”. what this space….fishing-boat fresh-fish single-fin tanker